Sri Lanka is South East Asia’s fastest growing economy and has an ever increasing presence on world trade. 

Today’s economy forces companies to do more for less, not only relying on local resources but global sourcing. That is why Serendib Sourcing is here to help, we offer end to end import assistance by sourcing, negotiating and facilitating the importation of products from Sri Lanka. We use our network of factories and producers to ensure sustainable and competitive suppliers for our various client base ranging from small businesses to large corporations.

Our Services are, but not limited to:

Choosing the best Manufacturer/Factories

Serendib Sourcing assist by choosing the best manufacturers for your custom products and designs, whilst ensuring the confidentiality of your product is protected.

Management of Supplier Relationships and Requirements

When dealing with Asian countries critical supply factors can be lost in translation, response times can vary, costs can increase in the middle of production and constant delays can occur.

Serendib Sourcing pride themselves on understanding sophisticated markets and the demand of companies operating in them. By managing your Sri Lankan suppliers we ensure cultural gaps are bridged, costs are maintained and timing requirements are adhered to.

Inspection Services

Serendib Sourcing’s Sri Lankan team can assist with factory audits, during production inspections and pre-shipment inspections. These inspection services are tailored to individual client’s requirements. Inspections can range from; formulating a factories profile and capabilities, inspecting for defects and weaknesses in the factories production system, ensuring all your ordered products meet your contract specifications whilst loading for export.

Serendib Sourcing’s Process

  • Choose the best manufacturer for your product from our established supplier network
  • Ensure the manufacturer is capable of making your product to the best standard and present you with samples
  • Negotiate with the supplier on your behalf for the best costs, quality and timing of production
  • Perform inspections to ensure quality, accuracy and timeliness in production
  • Arrange door to door delivery