Serendib, the old Arabic, Persian and Urdu name for Sri Lanka

Serendib Sourcing was established focusing on introducing Sri Lankan manufacturers to merchants around the world, with the purpose of creating long term supplier relationships. Prior to Sri Lanka’s 30 year civil war which ended in 2009, it was considered a centre of trade due to its plantation economy famous for its production and export and its strategic location on the world map.

The country’s main production and exports are textiles, apparel, spices, tea, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, coconut products, rubber products and fish. The team at Serendib Sourcing saw opportunity to utilise their extensive network of local suppliers and provide international companies access to the wealth of products on offer. Serendib Sourcing will source and manage your long term supplier relationships by removing the language, communication and cultural barriers ensuring your production and imports are profitable, stress free and on time.